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The cast of Home for the Holidays - 1972 includes: Walter Brennan as Benjamin Morgan Sally Field as Christine Morgan John Fink as Doctor Ted Lindsay Med Flory as Sheriff Nolan Julie Harris as Elizabeth Hall Morgan Jill Haworth as Joanna Morgan Eleanor Parker as Alex Morgan Jessica Walter as Frederica Morgan There is no know celebrity fan contact number for Alex Morgan.

Trevor has a younger brother Jake who is a fireman in Sacramento.

Trevor is an animal lover and advocate; he has a German Shepherd named Dogbert and a bulldog named Tito.

Talking about the past relationship of 18-years old recording artist and internet sensation, Trevor Moran, there is no any information about the love affair of Trevor Moran in which he was actively involved.

Thus, the internet sensation, Trevor Moran is a very private type of person and no any information about the love life of Trevor Moran is known through any media.

The actor, who has since gone on to appear in the likes of Vera, Taboo and Legend, said he didn't realise how life would change after agreeing to take on the evil role in the long-running BBC soap.

Speaking exclusively to uk, the 48-year-old reflected on his time as Little Mo's (Kacey Ainsworth) violent husband as well as his new stage show.

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He is also famous for being a member of the group Our 2nd Life along with Trevor Moran was born to American parents Tim and Nicole Moran and was raised in Temecula, United States.

Donovan refers to his social media platforms as "An escape from negativity and a positive place for pet lovers." Donovan recently wrote "Love Always, Dogbert & Tito" it follows the magical adventures of his 2 dogs, Dogbert the German Shepherd and Tito the English Bulldog.