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26-Oct-2020 02:44

For 10 to 12 hours a day, cameras follow Ruby as she deals with the daily struggles of losing weight.

At her heaviest, this Savannah, Georgia, native weighed 716 pounds.

Let me be 150 percent honest that my identity became my weight number. They sit in the balcony section, cheering us all the way and saying, “You can do it.” “We believe in you.” “You are special to us.” Balcony people are the great encouragers in our lives and we ALL need them!

I would love to talk with y’all in a group sessions about the spiritual, mental and emotional effects that life causes all of us!

Her honest and open discussion about weight inspired us then — and it inspires us now. As you know, I lost my brother, John, unexpectedly in 2012, and I ended up gaining a little over 70 pounds. I was so scared — they went through a lot of testing, their sickness was 24/7 and I was on watch for them 24/7 for over six months and thank God they are now okay! I was so involved in all that was going on around me that I forgot me and my health; no weigh-ins, no working out, no writing in my journal, no accountability! Through all this, I was still having meetings with development about continuing the [other new concepts like] Ruby is breaking down the fourth wall, Ruby travels state to state and does Ruby walks/boot camps, etc. A group was started on Facebook: #Bringthe Ruby Show Back.