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He then went to UC Davis (University Of California), but when he got asked to go on the Amazing Race with his dad he took a break.In 2015, he made a comment on Instagram stating he had been sick and later deleted the comment.In 2016, a photo emerged, allegedly of him, with a fan.[1] Reaction to the photo was mixed. He began a blog addressing concerns and curiosities about his life.The blog seems to be genuine, as it is featured on his channel, on which he uploaded.Followed by what seems to be his first official, public appearance at Youth Represent the World on March 11th, 2017 in Stafford, Texas.Kev Jumba (Kevin Wu) disappeared from You Tube in 2013, with little to no communication of his plans, aside from his last video “ which in hindsight became his subtle way of saying good-bye–or temporarily at least– to his online followers, while he focused on his education, family, and religious enlightenment.Although Kevin was silent on most of his social media channels, his content was being released and shared through other Youtube channels and mediums during that time such as Ryan Higa’s “Teehee Time with Kevjumba!

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He has connections with the DOMINICshow, Happy Slip and Ryan Higa.

Similar to fellow vlogger Nigahiga, Wu became one of the most popular You Tubers in the industry’s early days.

Kev Jumba (Kevin Wu) is one of the top You Tube comedy stars to date (no doubt, the top You Tube star in Davis.) As an entering Art Major (now Communications Major) a part the UC Davis class of 2012, Kevin gained notoriety for his You Tube channel which began during his high school years.

Upon this announcement, it was also the first time his dad's name, Michael, was revealed, which was kept anonymous since his debut.

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Kevin officially announced his participation on Facebook on September 1, and on You Tube a week later. Michael and Kevin's best placement was a third-place finish in Leg 2 and Leg 6.

Kevjumba was in a group called YTF ("Yesterday is in the past, Today you have a choice, Forever is up to you.") All of the members of YTF have a You Tube account (Ryan Higa, Victor Kim, D-trix, Andrew Garcia, Jr Aquino and Chester See).