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12-Mar-2020 18:30

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Later that same year, the FBI arrested Mendte for repeatedly using a "Key Catcher" device to hack into Lane's personal and work computers allegedly more than 7,000 times in two years. Lane originally filed the case in 2008, about events that were the stuff of tabloid headlines dating back to 20. "It's not my fault that this case has been going on for 10 years," the judge told the lawyers at both tables.

After his arrest and guilty plea, Mendte told the judge, "public sentiment about Alycia Lane changed dramatically." Instead of being viewed as an alleged cop assailant, Lane was seen as a "victim," Mendte said. There was arguments about Mendte's role in leaking stories to the news media about Lane getting chummy with Prince Albert of Monaco aboard his yacht; and Lane sending pictures of herself in a bikini to ESPN reporter Rich Eisen, photos that were intercepted by Eisen's wife, Suzy Shuster. "I just got here a few weeks ago." But the rivalry between the two former co-anchors is no longer front-page news, as was evidenced by the lack of reporters in the courtroom.

Lane got fired in 2008 from her old job as co-anchor with Mendte at CBS in Philadelphia, after she was accused of punching a New York City police officer, a charge that was eventually dropped.

"Lane then landed a job as a weekday anchor at WNBC in Los Angeles, America's second largest TV market [a much larger TV market than Philadelphia.]" When the civil case was originally filed back in 2008, Lane's lawyers alleged defamation against CBS, as well as portraying Lane in a false light, among a total of 18 charges.

But 17 of those charges got tossed by judges in the case, and Lane is now down to a single charge of negligent supervision against CBS, for failing to figure out in a more timely fashion that Mendte was hacking into her computer.

The behaviors of the two defendants are hopelessly intertwined, Rosen argued.

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And it would be a hardship to have Lane go through two trials concerning the same crimes.In papers filed in court on May 3rd, Mendte, representing himself, amplified his argument that his demise led to the rehabilitation of Lane.

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