Updating roof antenna in co ops

12-Jun-2020 17:22

If the Remote Controller firmware version is higher than 1.3.20, connect the app to upgrade.It takes 2.5-3 hours to charge a remote controller Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced controller, and 4.5-5 hours to discharge them (while they’re connected with a mobile device).Also, try switching channels manually in Image Transmission Settings.If the issue cannot be fixed, take a screenshot of Image Transmission Settings page in the app and sent it DJI Support.There are 500m A, 1A, 1.5A, 2.1A mobile device chargers on the market While the Remote Controller charger and Intelligent Flight Battery charger have been integrated into one unit for your convenience, it is recommended to only charge one item at a time.

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For example, if you have placed a Phantom 3 Professional gimbal onto a Phantom 3 Advanced, then please update your aircraft with the latest Phantom 3 Professional firmware.

To install the propellers, please refer to this video: https://

v=EKIj Zbpw V0E To install the propeller guards, please refer to this video: https://

Since Phantom 3 Standard’s gimbal is designed differently than the Advanced or Professional’s gimbal, Phantom 3 Standard gimbals are not interchangeable.

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When the aircraft is powered on, the camera is in Center-weighted Metering Mode by default.If the issue still occurs, please contact DJI Support.