Tvxq yunho dating rumors

19-Dec-2020 20:37

Korean online users immediately started speculating that the two were in a relationship."Friends or juniors normally visit after the training period.Also, if we're being fair, even though they are long-standing titans of the industry, TVXQ aren't the only ones who've kept a clean reputation thus far- but this is probably more of a dig by netizens due to the recent sentencing of their former group mate as well.Actually Shinhwa also is really scandal free for a long time, When i MEAN scandal i dont consider DATING scandal to be a scandal, Love isnt a bad thing.Fans discovered UEE in the crowd of people there to see Yunho by her bright red shirt and black brimmed hat, which matched the outfit UEE was wearing in a personal photo she uploaded to the next day on Instagram.Furthermore, according to Star Today a stylist appears next to UEE in the released photo as well.

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In light of recent events, netizens are saying, "The two TVXQ members were respectable early in their careers too, but I really admire that they were able to grow and mature into the people that they are now after their time of hardship.

I consider scandals as something either against the law or something a role model should be doing.

things like dating fans i think its something not right. or swearing on broadcast without knowign the mic is on, being discourtesy to seniors and such isnt also against the law but not a good behaviour.

But the thing is, people also need to remember that what we see with celebrities isn't always their reality.

Things may look great on the surface, but we aren't in their private lives and therefore cannot always know what's going on behind the scenes.There he will serve out the rest of his mandatory enlistment as part of the military band.