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23-Nov-2020 22:04

Case is so much a force of nature that listening to the album can leave the listener exhausted. Usually they are self-conscious about doing something “different” with a song, or issue redundant carbon copies.Cover albums work when the performer is idiosyncratic, so unique that he or she need not try to make a song sound differently.The melodies are pretty “” even twee, in the way Belle & Sebastian are twee “” and Svanängen”s high and slight voice is appealing enough, within the context of his music.

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This is an uncomplicated album, and does what its creators set out to do admirably.

Here, Jeff Tweedy and chums eschew cacophonic innovations for a straight-forward, mellow rock album that channels the “60s (Dylan, Grateful Dead, is immediate and intimate. The highlight here is Impossible Germany, with Jeff Tweedy and Nels Cline duelling on a magnificent guitar solo, an integral part of the song”s lyrics, that borrows from Gary Moore (check out Thin Lizzy”s Sarah) and Carlos Santana.

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