Tomohisa dating

18-Dec-2020 06:58

great actor tomo ^_^ I love Yamapi, i love watch Buzzer Beat, it so romantic. Yeah, the storyline and the script were helping him.

I amazed by your acting in nobuta wa produce, how come you be so funny like that and when in code blue you 100% changed be cool person sugoi!! But, some of his works are good like in Nobuta wo produce and Buzzer beat.

Naturally, Yamapi’s agency Johnny & Associates has kept quiet on the rumors as well as Satomi’s agency.(via post-seven)This post is tagged with gossip, meaning it contains information that is purely speculation.

We post about gossip for the sake of discussing topics that are not often talked about on this site and how the Japanese entertainment industry interprets certain issues within the context of their culture.

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its like he inserts a bit part of himself into the character he portrays and yet takes a lil part of the character to use in himself, well thats the impression I got! Fangirls Die your the reason why japanese actors are considered bad actor because you keep supporting shit actor like this that they keep appearing on tv and the world keep witnessing their stupid acting. \^0^// Dear Yamapi, I have just finished watching Buzzer Beat and as always, your performance is excellent.

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