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30-Nov-2020 05:58

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22% of workers say they suffered retaliation after an office romance ended.

Retaliation can take many forms: termination, shift changes, pay cuts, transfers, and other adverse actions have been found to be retaliatory.

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“You get to see people at their best and at their worst,” says Helen Olen, co-author of . what’s important to you, you get to see in an office.” This differs from casual meetups at bars or online where people may show only certain sides of themselves.More employees are dating each other, and fewer HR leaders view these relationships as unprofessional (just 29% in 2013, down from 58% in 2005). The employee dating dynamic can cause distraction, morale issues and claims of real or perceived favoritism.When a workplace relationship goes south, the parties involved must still see each other every day in the office.Love is in the air alright, but chances are, it’s been there all year long: 56% of business professionals say they’ve been in relationships with coworkers.

That percentage is on the rise, and it’s no surprise: we spend one-third of our lives at work.A romantic relationship between a supervisor and subordinate provides the potential for a conflict and the opportunity for the employer to require a love contract.