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I turned and asked her, “Do you want me to listen to you?

” She shouted, “Yes.” “You have to stop hitting me and stop shouting and then I will listen to you.” She kept hitting me and shouting, “You must listen to me – only me.

After catching my breath, I told her that she had pulled the scarf so tight that I had had difficulty breathing.

Her response: “I’ll do it again if you share secrets with anyone but me. You are NOT to be anyone else’s special friend – only mine.” I ignored her, and turned to the child who had been whispering in my ear.

When she had quieted down to the occasional sob, I pulled away, and asked if she was feeling better. “You hurt me when you pulled my scarf, and when you were hitting me and shouting,” I told her. She insisted that she wanted to be the closest to me: “You are my favorite, and I have to be your favorite too.” I told her things didn’t work that way. We settled for peace, and the rest of the evening passed off uneventfully. But despite that, the child was jealous, because she didn’t get enough from the parents.

It was almost as if she were a nuisance, who had to be controlled before she got out of hand.

This study was the first to correlate the incidence of dating violence among adolescent girls with other unhealthy and risky behaviors.

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The data collected was part of the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Study conducted in 19.

You must be only let you play with anyone else.” I left the room, shutting the door behind me and holding it shut. After a few moments, I opened the door, and came back in.