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Catholic Charities, one of the providers who led the state’s refugee program, recently announced it would no longer be participating, saying it was focusing resources on homelessness and helping at-risk children.This came after years of community pressure from conservatives — including a 2016 billboard in St.A New York Times poll from 2018 showed the Eighth Congressional District — in the state’s northern region — was one of the few areas where 50 percent of people said discrimination against white Americans had become as big a problem as discrimination against minority groups.Earlier this year, at a Republican town hall in nearby Anoka County, an argument erupted between some residents and Representative Tom Emmer because he had not backed a bill that would designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.The 2018 elections of Representative Ilhan Omar and Attorney General Keith Ellison, who are Muslim, fueled xenophobic conspiracies that Muslim residents were planning a long-term coup to institute Shariah Law.They also point to individual instances of crime by Somali-Americans as proof of an innate predisposition to violence, and ignore the repeated studies showing that there is no demonstrated link between immigrants and criminal behavior.

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Across the state, this network includes conservative radio hosts, think tanks and digital media that focus on anti-refugee news in Minnesota, as well as small community groups like C-Cubed, which repeatedly invite anti-Muslim speakers to town, leading to clashes and protests.They say ‘go back to your country’ and ‘you make St.Cloud a bad place to live.’”[]In interviews, the C-Cubed members and allies remain undeterred, and they are setting their sights on helping Republicans make gains in the 2020 election.Now he has a new goal: curbing the resettlement of Somali refugees in St.

Cloud, after a few thousand moved into this small city where Mr. Every weekday, he sits in the same spot at Culver’s restaurant — the corner booth near the Kwik Trip — and begins his daily intake of news from xenophobic and conspiratorial sites, such as Jihad, and articles with titles like “Lifting the Veil on the ‘Islamophobia’ Hoax.” On Thursdays, Mr.

In the days before the 2016 presidential election, Mr.

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