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18-May-2020 11:41

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There could be a million things going on in that person’s head that have nothing to do with you. 6) Set an intention before each date Pretty much everything (dates, business meetings, etc.) goes better when you set an intention in advance.It can be simple – “I want to share a meaningful connection” or “I want to learn something new.” Taking five minutes to set an intention before a date may not seem like much, but it will give you clarity, purpose, and the power of presence.Mindful online dating is possible; we just need to decide how it’s done.

Here’s a newsflash: not every person you meet is going to be “the one.” Instead of trying to fit others into a preconceived role, simply remain in the moment and allow each interaction to be what it is. Attempting to force an unnaturally long lifespan onto a relationship will ultimately lead to resentment, unhappiness, and dishonesty.

Not only does online dating encourage a judgmental attitude – it requires it.

We find ourselves making snap decisions based on superficial criteria, and ourselves being evaluated by the snap decisions of others. With every profile “like” and unreturned message, the ego experiences a subtle roller coaster of pride and devastation. They require the emotional balance of a tight rope walker.

Those sweet nothings will be waiting in your inbox tonight.

Set aside two times per day to read and send messages, and practice app abstinence the rest of the day.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a long term partner, new friends, or a fun hookup. If you want to stay sane, it’s important to know which two or three things, and types of people, you are looking for.