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One can get valuable insights into ancient social structures, religious and cultural beliefs, technology, etc., by applying the principles of ethnoarchaeology.

An archaeologist has to be, therefore, extremely well-versed in other disciplines which archaeology encompasses, that include history, anthropology, and other social and general sciences.Evidences revealed a number of surgical instruments from many houses, which shows that first aid was available at the household level.Household archaeology is a comparatively recent development in archaeology that happened between the late 1970s and early 1980s.It involves a small-scale excavation within a given area on an archaeological site.

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It considers every single household as a unit that not only portrays the social, cultural, economic, and political sensibilities of the people of a particular household/family, but also throws light on the affiliations of the society on the whole.

It is thus a subject having a multidisciplinary approach, wherein every small thing matters.♣ On the Basis of Nature of Work♣ On the Basis of Historic Time Period Archaeology is of several types, and each demands either specific or multiple specializations.