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Architectural designs embodied in buildings constructed prior to December 1, 1990, are not eligible for copyright protection. Copyright registration of such a volume of star names does not confer any official or governmental status on any of the star names included in the volume.See Circular 41, Copyright Claims in Architectural Works Can I get a star named after me and claim copyright to it? See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section "What Works Are Protected." Can I copyright my website? Can I register a diary I found in my grandmother's attic?The original authorship appearing on a website may be protected by copyright. You can register copyright in the diary within a certain duration only if you own the rights to the work, for example, by will or by easily one of the funniest comic book movies that we've seen to date.

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's opening sequence, but it feels like it's when entering The Workshop that Ryan Reynolds is legitimately able to air his grievances about his experience making live-action DC Comics movies.

but thanks to the awkward silence that follows the above line, we may never know exactly what went down in that back room before Wade came out to greet the pizza guy.