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Just about every disagreement could benefit from one, or both, of you taking a moment to step back and fully understand where your partner is coming from.The following are different techniques for easing the tension and ultimately finding more effective ways to communicate.If you do this with genuine effort, you will see a difference.The way you react to conflict plays a major role in the health and overall wellbeing of your marriage.

If you want a gentler, more kind partner, then you need to adopt those attributes. We can get so caught up in being “right” and “winning” an argument that we stop listening and go right in for the kill. Taking time to develop the habit of validating your partner’s feelings will change everything.

Even more powerful is the effect of listening to your partner’s point of view fully (without trying to conjure up a rebuttal) and then saying, “you’re right.” Try this. More importantly, watch your broken marriage begin to be repaired.

Being heard by your partner is one of the greatest feelings.

A little effort goes a long way in healing wounds and reigniting your connection. Every day is a new chance to create a story that you will tell over and over again.

If things have been messy, or ugly in the past, choose to move forward making happy memories today!If you have come here wondering how to fix a broken marriage, you are in the right place.