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The usual impression is that billionaires essentially look for supermodels partners to serve as arm candy at big events.As you look through the list, you will realize that this is not always the case.Body Measurements: Queen Noor Of Jordan full body measurements Not Available Right Now.We will update once we get the correct information.The Queen quickly became a warm stepmother to two of the King's children, Prince Ali and Princess Haya, the children of the King and his previous wife, Queen Alia, who died in a helicopter crash in 1977.Queen Noor and the King have had four children of their own, two boys and two girls, beginning with Prince Hamzeh, who was born in 1980.He was born to Princess Muna, the King's second wife.Queen Noor's own eldest son, Hamzeh, 18, was passed over last month when the King appointed a new heir.

A 1974 graduate of Princeton University, she has been an outspoken advocate for women's rights, economic development and environmental protection.

Queen Noor was at the King's side throughout his illness and is said to have been a buoying force as family members gathered around his hospital bed.

And as the King lay dying, she won hearts here by venturing into the rain on Saturday evening, her head covered modestly in white chiffon, to circulate outside the hospital gates -- the widow-to-be comforting the bereaved.

More recently, during the internal palace jockeying over who would succeed the King, she was subjected to particularly harsh barbs from people close to the King's brother, Hassan, who was then the Crown Prince.

But her associates say she has tried to turn a deaf ear to criticism from people who saw her and her son as Hassan's rivals, recognizing as one of them put it, that, '' If you want to attack a man in the Middle East, then the easiest target is his wife.'' And in his last public statement, the angry Jan.

25 letter that dismissed Hassan as Crown Prince, the King offered an eloquent testimonial to a wife he said had been the target of baseless criticism, calling her ''a Jordanian who belongs to this country with every fiber of her being.'' There is no constitutional place for the King's widow within Jordan's monarchical system, but there is precedent for a powerful role.