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No technique in the world create this strength of foundation you'll get from complete self-confidence.For the longest time, I've wondered "What is it that makes certain guys REALLY successful with women?But what I noticed was that whenever another guy tried to imitate that same success - using the exact same techniques that the other guy was using and had success with - the guy imitating him had a tough time.(In fact, the guy who was trying to model the successful guy often had a much tougher time in the long run.And then later on down the road I could be more "real" with her.I even tried being more like a "player" to jack up women's attraction for me." Then she rolled her eyes and shook her head, and I felt that sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach as my confidence crashed and burned. The one thing that women need to trust you and give themselves to you is something that most guys completely miss.It's a little word that starts with an "A" and ends in "C." I'll explain this word to you right now...

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She needs to know very quickly if the guy she's interested in is an asset - or a potentially life-threatening .ESPECIALLY women, who have psychic tentacles that can feel out any part of your personality that doesn't seem to match your behavior.