Pain of rejection dating

18-Aug-2020 21:22

You see them, you make your approach – if they’re into you, awesome. well, that’s a grand total of three seconds of emotional investment.

Big fucking deal, roll on to the next person because there better than later when it comes to asking them out; the longer you wait, the more of your life you’ve devoted to being in an constant state of anxiety and agitation.

You don’t have to let rejection destroy you, however! However, if you are worried, go see your doctor and ask for personalized advice.

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How much rejection hurts is directly proportional to how much emotional investment you have in that rejection. Again: what’s your immediate reaction to this rejection? You have taken one person, out of literally overinvesting in someone? Waiting until you’re convinced that they’re giving you the signal. And the more important you make it, the worse the imagined rejection gets.

In many ways it forms the backdrop of your self-identity for years to come. It’s the fear-avoidance model of behavior – the anticipation and fear of that pain causes you to avoid the thing that caused the pain, which only makes the fear stronger and perpetuates the cycle.