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16-Dec-2020 08:45

Thanks to collaborative research efforts promoted by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), newer, better treatments are arriving all the time.

Since 2013, several new multiple myeloma drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Patients who achieve a complete response to therapy with no detectable MRD (known as “MRD-negative status”) have greater survival rates.

Incredibly sensitive techniques to detect multiple myeloma cells have been developed, allowing for the detection of a single multiple myeloma cell among a million other cells.

While MRD measurement is a promising new area of research, its use has not yet been approved by the FDA.

In order for MRD measurement to gain approval, the FDA will evaluate the data to determine if and how doctors should use it.

If you would like to see the latest data available on survival rates, you can find them under the last section on this page, “Relative survival for multiple myeloma.”Before deciding, however, it’s important to understand that statistics cannot and do not tell you what will happen—they can tell you only what has happened to others.

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Success will probably depend on using combinations of effective agents and treating patients in the early stages of disease, such as patients with smouldering multiple myeloma.Undergoing therapy often kills the vast majority of multiple myeloma cells, but a few may still remain.