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Most of us don’t consume raw lemons on a regular basis, but if you were to glance at the famous yellow citrus’s nutritional profile, you might start to think we should.Lemons are high in vitamin C, folate (B9), potassium, flavonoids and antioxidants.Luckily for us on-the-go eaters, bananas are no exception.Catechins and dopamine are two components in bananas that provide a great deal of antioxidative benefits, including lowered risks of heart disease and lowered cognitive degeneration.Red varieties of kale, such as redbor and Russian kale, pack an extra punch thanks to the same anthocyanins found in blueberries and raspberries.These compounds give the varieties (and berries) their color, and often indicate that they have twice the amount of antioxidants as green kale.

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There are so many dating options out there to choose from, depending upon your interests, budget, and location. Remember, whether you’re 20 or 60, dating should be fun! As far as popular health-related topics go, “antioxidant foods” is up there with “gluten,” “organic,” and “non-GMO.” If you’ve ever wondered what antioxidants actually are, though, you’re not alone.

Here is the basic rundown: Antioxidants are chemical compounds often found naturally in food, which, once consumed, negate the effects of free radicals in the human body.

This is an important process because wherever an excess of free radicals accumulates, it can damage your DNA — which in turn can contribute to cancer growth.

The result of free radical accumulation is called “oxidative stress,” and is associated with a number of other diseases as well, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Free radicals are everywhere, including in many foods, medicines, and the environment itself.

Hence, consuming healthy levels of antioxidant foods is one way of protecting against cancer and other diseases.“Can’t I just avoid free radicals? They’re in the air we breathe and the water we drink, not to mention being a natural byproduct of biological processes in the body. Since there are a lot of risk factors for disease we can’t control (such as aging and genetics), it seems logical to take advantage of those we can.

Add in the fact that they’re nutritious in many other ways, not to mention delicious, and you’ve got an antioxidant that’s equally at home on the breakfast, lunch, or dinner table.

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