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29-Nov-2020 02:36

It's clear that her views are extremely important to her, and I completely respect that even if I don't agree. If you care for this girl and respect her feelings and opinions, then you should withhold sex. Leave now and find you a decent girl that will jump your bones. What if you wait a year or more to be married and she decides she still doesnt want sex? Except instead of gettin laid your paying her your hard earned money through a divorce. nobody ever asks for "just a little bit of sex before marriage".) If i was in your shoes, i would broach the subject instead of tip-toeing around it.

I don't want to try to convince her to compromise her principals, because I care about her too much and I feel like she'll inevitably regret it later. I feel like when she told me these things, she was saying there is a limit to how much our relationship can grow, and I feel hurt by that. I will not actually ask if you want to marry her or not, but think of this possibility, because she is saying that it's not going to happen unless she gets the ring. If the answer is no, then you should reconsider it. You've been doing a good job respecting her and not forcing her into anything so keep up with it! Why pay for the dinner when you don't even get a bite. If she's blowin ya its one thing but only second base? What if you find out she only wants to have sex with you once every 6 months? You are both in your late 20's, the probability she is a virgin is ...

Everyone loves sex; make sure you find the right person before the right penis." "Yes I did wait for marriage before sex. Sex is also NOT the most important thing in a marriage, though it's a wonderful perk." "We waited.

For me it was very important to keep my virginity for the man I loved with all my heart, and to have sex on my wedding night for the first time was a bonus. So many relationships nowadays are based around sex. My husband and I wanted to make sure we were in love with each other, not our sex. Not something you can get if you've already been intimate." "I am very glad I waited and don't regret waiting until marriage at 23.

With these statistics in mind, we polled our Facebook readers to ask if they waited to have sex before they got married—and how they feel about their decisions today. Here is a roundup of a few of the anecdotes that our readers shared about their experiences waiting to have sex for the first time until walking down the aisle (note: some are edited for length and clarity): "My husband and I were each our firsts, and neither of us regret it.

I'm thankful we were raised with such high standards and self respect." "All too often, we as a society jump into a sexual relationship.

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At 25, I have a beautiful blended family with three beautiful children. If your sex drives are vastly different, chances are her christian faith might not keep her happy in your relationship, or you. A shortcut that everyone knows about is an absolute oxymoron. if you like her enough, and you already have handled this situation well, why not see where it goes.