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10-Nov-2020 16:03

You can skip the rival they pair you up against, at a cost-- and the cost gets higher and higher each time you skip, and then gets into currency you can't afford to spend (food, gems etc). I mean, isn't the entire point of getting and raising these dragons to eventually take them into combat?So you're basically being penalized for not wanting to fight against rivals twice your level against whom you stand no chance? Then there's the social aspect: very deceptive of the company who made this to make the game appear so child-friendly when there's definitely inappropriate stuff going on in the chats.Imagine spending on an in-game dragon for a phone game, multiple times, that you'll probably get tired of after a while.

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The example of when the time issue does bug me is when they make special "events" (the maze, etc) which again are deceptively advertised as presumably being possible to complete-- but you can't, really.

I spent 5 minutes in the general chat room and it was filled with tons of childish and profane remarks that were unsuitable for my 9 year old.