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Young police Sergeant David Waters and his older boss/friend Lieutenant Jim Stone both work in the Evidence Management unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Disillusioned and bored with their jobs, they also find it hard to make ends meet financially.

Despite Jim being elated, David becomes concerned that stealing so many valuables from the gang will get them tracked down and killed, and subsequently relocks the safe so Jim can't access it.

Enraged, Jim threatens David at gunpoint, forcing him to open the safe and unload the valuables.

The film was released on Direc TV on April 14, 2016, before being released on video on demand and in theaters on May 13, 2016, by Saban Films.

If you are a fan of comedy/crime films, give this one a go!

After a personal visit by God himself, the eccentric construction worker Gary Faulkner takes the decision to embark on an adventure in the badlands of Pakistan to bring Al-Qaeda's leader Osama Bin Laden to justice.

Waters and Stone are two nobody police officers who work in the evidence room of the Las Vegas Police Department.

In The Trust he is at his wackiest, this dark comedy thriller has him playing a deluded corrupt cop who has a plan to pull of a massive heist with his buddy cop played by Elijah Wood who has no idea of Cage's plan. Despite this film getting below average reviews I still dived in and watched it, and I wasn't disappointed, this film managed to exceed the low expectations I went in with.

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Surprisingly Cage and Wood had really good chemistry on screen together, the humor worked well when it was used and managed to get a few cheap laughs out of me.David's badge and the diamond-tipped drill are catalogued in the Evidence Management building where he and Jim used to work.