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HWA said that three evils brought about the end of the world of Noah’s day:1. The Supreme Court of the USA, without God’s wisdom, but has human ‘wisdom’, wants to mix the races. I believe this member is in, yes, just across in New Jersey, just across from New York but had attended the service. Now there are a lot of twos, two this and two that, there are some twelves, there are some sevens. Another heaven is in outer space where we see not only our sun but other suns that we call stars and other planets. Why did marrying whom they chose have something to do with leading to violence that was so bad—I didn’t finish what I started a minute ago—Why did God erase from the Earth all but eight people? They’ll have to bring forth “fruits meet for repentance,” as John the Baptist says. Now that’ll be those who are still living on into the millennium for the thousand years and that’ll be those who will wake up in the Great White Throne Judgment resurrection, a thousand years afterwards. Let me just rehearse it quickly without reading all the scriptures. The other was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God created him with a temporary chemical existence that is like an alarm clock wound up that is running down. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. Lest we be segregated, scattered.] abroad upon the face of the whole earth. He wasn’t perfect in himself or spiritually or anything of that kind.

That Court has taken to itself the notion of good and evil, but God separated the races (Deut. Integration is the way of Satan.“I know Satan is going to bring it up and I am going to beat him to the punch”. And she had been talking to another member who lives in Philadelphia. Then the third heaven is the heaven of God’s throne. One Scripture in Isaiah 14 (:13) in that case it will be in the far, far North of this Earth. Because they were doing what they thought was pleasing to them. You want sex or you want violence or you want something exciting. The emcee comes out and he’s all dressed up and it’s all smart and it’s all full of life and someone’s going to win a lot of money. So they’re going to have some kind of a turning of wheel or like throwing the dice or something to see what kind of a prize he wins and someone gives the prize. They’ve got to make a big expression over every kind of merchandise that comes out that they’re going to get if they win this. Well, let me tell you why that is important and why this whole thing is important. All right, there’s great meaning in those two trees - very, very great meaning. And when it runs down, it’s through, if it isn’t rewound. But we rewind our clock about three times a day when we eat food that gives us new energy to keep going. And they said, Go to, [that is, “let’s get going here”] let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; [skyscrapers, we call them] and let us make us a name, [WHY? And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. He was only perfect in generations or in his ancestry. And if you want to check it all the way through, and his ancestry on down, you’ll find Noah was white. Now apparently, he was the only man left that was pure white. The family had remained intact, as God had decreed that it should. They had intermarried and interracial, brought racial trouble they had racial violence and other violence in those days and we’re back to the same things today. Genesis -32 These are the sons of Shem, after their families, [or in their race, family, race.

Question: "What does the Bible say about interracial marriage?

" Answer: The Old Testament Law commanded the Israelites not to engage in interracial marriage (Deuteronomy 7:3–4).

The Bible uses the word family instead of the word race, but means the same thing in Genesis. The reason for the separation of married couples in Ezra and Nehemiah is because of race and not religion. To us, I think, we seem to take life as if—that is, it isn’t life; it is only a chemical existence, a temporary existence that we have—but I think we seem to take it as if it’s going to go on forever, and as if we’re therefore going to live forever in this same world same kind of conditions, same life. We want to get all the fun and the enjoyment and the pleasure out of it while we can. The world, whatever they do that’s wrong, they’re going to have to give account, but judgment hasn’t come to them yet. We’re getting down to the last days, and we’re in a world of trouble! I was studying at lunch before the meeting last Sabbath, with our minister there and he said “I think that very likely, the next attack of Satan” –now there was the attack of the State of California against us. We don’t need to worry about getting Christ over on our side. And you’re going to have to—IF GOD BE GOD -- GET ON HIS SIDE! For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, What’s wrong with eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage? Those are the things he mentioned that brought an end to that world. That’s the only thing that you can find in the Bible that will give you a cause for the end of that world then. Nothing at all if you eat and drink the right kind of—water or the right kind of, well orange juice is fine, and even wine in the small amounts, with temperance. No drunkard is ever going to enter into the Kingdom of God. We’re in a very small wisp of a lifetime and judgment is on us as to whether we’re going to have joy and happiness and peace and everything wonderful FOREVER. Oh I know it’s nice to come to Church here every Sabbath, when we’ve got the most beautiful auditorium to come into on the face of this earth. Yes, I appreciate the fact that they all want to come when I come to speak. But before that first man, God put him in the Garden of Eden. And God is reproducing Himself and we will be born as God, as the Sons of God. I think he’s past his sixtieth day of fasting, something like that. Most people think that if you fast one day you’re going to die. So the Eternal scattered them [or segregated them—He didn’t integrate them, He segregated them and scattered them] abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.” They stopped it. God called Abraham and told him to leave the family where he was and people of all of his race, his family, or his color or whatever you want to call it and go to a land where he would show him.

Similarly Abram did not want his descendants to intermarry. AC “was going so far over to Satan’s way that we had an interracial marriage here” [in late 1970s].“God is not in favour of interracial marriage” and he refers to Ezra 10:3. Here is the complete sermon transcript: The Sin of Interracial Marriage Bible Study Sermon by Mr. Armstrong (May 1982)Well brethren, we are in the very last days. We should be sobered when we realize that we are in the last days. If you’ve been watching the news this week, it’s very much on the troubles over in Lebanon. There’s been another attack that most of you don’t even know anything about. But there has been trouble and don’t you think there hasn’t. But he said, the thing that’s going to hit this Church next (that Satan’s going to use), is interracial marriage. People can sometimes get their feelings all stirred up to a red-hot pitch on something of that kind. AND IF YOU WANT TO GO WITH THIS WORLD AND THE WAY IT’S GOING, GET OVER ON THAT SIDE, AND GO INTOTHE LAKE OF FIRE WITH IT. I just want to read a few, this is about a 3 or 4 page letter, so, I’ll just read a part of it. And I’m as much a servant of blacks or of yellows or of any other color, pinks, polka dots, anything you want to mention - and the like. And that’s what I’m teaching you and that’s the way this Church is going to go. That’s where it’s going to be and that’s where it’s going to stay. And those same things are bringing an end to this world now. Black women don’t seem to want to marry white men and white men don’t seem to want to marry black women. It’s time we begin to think about these things and quit boiling up with our emotions. Genesis -12 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And eating the wrong kind of food and eating too much is a sin. And we’re just letting this time go by, most of us, without taking it very seriously. There was an artist here just this past week, a well-known artist performing here who said, this is the finest auditorium on the face of the Earth. But if someone else was the head of this Church, and had had the same kind of publicity and talked even from the little childhood with the little children growing up, they would all want to come and see him. I saw the President of the United States when I was 5 years old. Now I’m not going to read these Scriptures because you know them already. [audience laughs] The Pope in Rome just a couple of days ago, was asking this man, pleading with him, to please eat some food. The Generations of Noah Now I want to go back to Genesis 10:5. But it was after their families, after their races, in their nations. Man going the way He chose, wanted to amalgamate and integrate the races. In that land were people poaching there that didn’t belong there and God had never given it to them and God intended to give him that land, because it is the geographical center of the Earth, and it’s marvelous for climate.

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I was a baptized member of the Worldwide Church of God when Herbert W. Although shaken, the faithful remain true to what we were taught by God's apostle, Herbert W. Australian author Craig White of Origins of Nations provides: HIGHLIGHTS FROM ‘THE SIN OF INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE’by Herbert W Armstrong May 1982[following on from his remarks against interracial marriages in sermons at Pasadena about June 1978, HWA presented this sermon in 1982]Many members want to be part of this world, but our chance of salvation is now because judgement is upon the House of God now. But they were still doing what they thought was right. And so Abel chose to bring as a sacrifice for God, a lamb. And so man started living the way that seemed right in his own eyes.Some say we must have racial balance in this world – we will not go the way of Satan! Then finally they had shows with sexual intercourse, performed with a naked man and woman right on the stage and people pay admission to get in there and see it. They were in such misery, in spite of what pleasure they thought they were getting in between times, that God just simply did the kindest thing He could do for them out of love for them. God was not going to let him have life eternal, where he never could die and where he would live forever. And God was not going to let him enjoy agony and sin and suffering and pain and screaming forever. The whole Earth will become a molten mass and it’ll burn upthose that go into it. They just don’t believe it or else they overlooked them. But you see, God had a Law, which defines a way of living, a way of life. Different people, different families or different races, had their own land, their own plot of the earth. Either he’ll be yellow or black or white or he’ll be a mixture, of one or the other.

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