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07-Nov-2020 07:37

In fact, such ruach, Talmud Torah, and commitment to kavod and tikkun olam are values to which every sacred community should aspire.

They studied various aspects of Torah and rabbinic literature in depth.

These include recognizing the importance of dating within the Jewish community and treating each person with the recognition that they were created Betzelem Elohim (in the image of God).” The change was made in an attempt to become a more inclusive youth group within a more inclusive movement Perhaps the crux of why this change so fundamentally irks me is in its lack of forthcoming language.

At the end of my study abroad program, I would be staying on in Israel to participate in UP as a coach in training for a second summer.

Needless to say, I was excited to see my friends and visit them in their cities and villages.

Why I am a Conservative Jew Rabbi Aaron Starr I recently read Jesse Arm’s blog post, Why I’m Now a Former Conservative Jew ( I received rabbinical ordination at the Reform movement’s seminary, and served as a Reform rabbi for four years.

I chose to become a Conservative Jew and a Conservative rabbi, and I believe that Conservative Judaism holds the key to the survival of liberal Judaism in the 21st century.

It is not uncommon for teenagers to travel around Israel on their own or in groups, as the country is so small.