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01-Mar-2020 20:57

But he insisted that “first impressions are everything, and this is only a precautionary measure.” A few weeks later, we all went out to The Standard Biergarten, because Alex had some friends visiting from Princeton.

Near the end of the night, Alex asked if I had ever visited the top floors at Goldman, where senior partners hold meetings.

“It’s a view that makes you appreciate being alive,” he told me.

“If Mark doesn’t take you there, I will.” The Standard was one of many places we’d go out on weekends. It came up — directly or indirectly — in nearly every conversation we had. When I called him out on being too focused on the topic, he would just say, “If your profession was so directly tied to monetary rewards, you’d be the same way.”His wardrobe was largely Bergdorf Goodman, Brooks Brothers, Burberry and Hermes.

After being introduced, I emailed him a few weeks after I found an apartment in Brooklyn. on a Wednesday, and he responded within seconds: Sadly I can only attribute the speediness of my response to the fact that I am still at work. I wish I could provide you with more availability, but my only free times are really on the weekends. We met three days later, on 9/11 at Financier, just a few blocks from the World Trade Center site.

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With that grueling of a schedule, he had some expectations.

Unser Ziel ist es, euren kreativen Entwurf in den bestmöglichen Rahmen zu setzen: Wir gewährleisten euch euren eigenen Park.

Every day, Wall Street analysts upgrade some stocks, downgrade others, and "initiate coverage" on a few more.

He was working on weekends, too, and doing special projects for coworkers outside of his department.

He’d tell me the promises they made about new assignments, promotions and “making a lot more money” if he just put in his time. In fact, he once told me, in one of his humblest moments, “there are lots of promises made at Goldman.

Then we walked over to the window to check out the view. I decided to meet up with him, and we started dating shortly after that.