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20-Aug-2020 22:38

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‘Ivan City’ is the largest online gay community in Korea providing variety of contents including personals, online chart, clubs, and etc.

And Ivan city site is the leading portal site of Korea providing variety of services such as entertainment, access to communities, online shopping, and etc. Since then, currently on October 2007 there are 150,000 members, 30,000 ~ 40,000 visitors a day, and 100 new members sign up everyday.

The most popular gay site in Korea is IVAN CITY, and CHIINGUSAI is the site of the Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group Chingusai (“Between Friends”).

Additionally, there is the most famous gay festival, which is called Korean Queer Culture Festival.

Chingusai was established to correct society’s prejudice against and distorted view of homosexuality, to protect and promote awareness of gay people’s human rights, to develop and disseminate a healthy gay culture that will help gay people to live with pride, and to promotes AIDS prevention and protect HIV positive people’s human rights.

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Thus, the name Ivancity contains a will to make freer minded society.

Throughout those years, they have also made on-line chatting websites or apps for easier communication of their subculture life.

First of all, there are two Korean gay site or online community in Korea and one foreign site for dating.

Of course, there is a homophobias but most people changed to open-mind and respects for gays, even educational.

Especially, young people accepts gays (I think that they don’t care if the gay people does not harm them). Gays have different sex preference, all other things are same as straight guys.In CHINGUSAI online community, there is coming out section page and we could read many stories of gays.

The site boasts more than 250,000 singles signed up from across the globe.… continue reading »

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