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05-Nov-2020 01:13

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Eastern European girls are the next level, for example Polish girls because they are not as westernized as the French and still retain traditional as opposed to existential (Camus and Sartre) humanistic values.However, among the city dwellers in both countries, there is a lot of dames who see Amelie as a heroine more than a pious village girl.So if you want a French girl of old try Morocco, Algeria (I like the Arab French mix) or Quebec or other parts of Europe that are not as ‘free’.In fact in Quebec they use an archaic form of French in some ways, they refer to car as carriage. I remember reading a book, ‘Peasants into Frenchmen’ by Eugen Weber and it gives you an idea how diverse these people really are.When I lived in Boston I went up every other weekend.

The French in my personal experience have been reserved, and polite, although at times supercilious, as I think it is a throw back from the Ancien Régime and a hundred of years of French Imperialism (culturally and economic) connected to the First, Second and Third Republics.

I believe it is the interaction of culture and free will that determines a persons social behaviors.

If I were to describe French culture in a nutshell it is humanistic, socialistic on a macro level and soft-spoken on a personal level.

If you have trouble with the language, use an online translation tool.

French girls and the French internet I guess the French are into the Internet but more into real life for dating, but we live in the reality of the modern world where the tool of the web or getting a French girls mobile phone number has become an extension of real live encounters.

This started I believe when Americans went over to Europe during the first and second world war.

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