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The Generate PDF service converts native file formats to PDF.It also converts PDF to other file formats and optimizes the size of PDF documents.If you are creating a client application using Java, include the necessary JAR files.If you are using web services, ensure that you include the proxy files.The Generate PDF service uses native applications to convert the following file formats to PDF.Unless otherwise indicated, only the German, French, English, and Japanese versions of these applications are supported.This illustration shows the components and drivers involved with native application support.

Includes PDF settings, security settings, and file type settings.This document uses the term native application to indicate the application used to produce a native file format, such as Microsoft Word.App Mon is an enterprise component that interacts with a native application in the same way a user would navigate through the dialog boxes presented by that application.what=Win ID) to examine a dialog to determine if App Mon would be able to interact with it using standard Win32 APIs.

If Win ID is able to extract the dialog contents such as the text, sub-windows, window class ID, and so on, then App Mon would also be able to do the same.

To change settings for an already supported native application, the system administrator sets the File Type Settings in the administration console.