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And I go off the rail so crazy and blinded by desire and wanting to dish out revenge against those who screw me in the ground and treat you like youre below a human just for the pleasure of doing it to you! I have lots of troubles that my friends dont know I have and I cant tell them whats wrong. I told him (doctor) that if he knows the medicine if having a Halitosis the doctor gives me a medical prescription; I forgot what medicine it but after to take this medicine, still no improvement. It really didn't matter how often I brushed my teeth, or how often I flossed and used a tongue scraper, the end result remained the same. My cousin would come up to me and just tell me you stink! I brush, floss, try mouthwash, tongue scraping, nothing helps. The overall damage has already been done to my self esteem. I don't even feel comfortable speaking without covering my mouth. I need her shoulders to lean on, but she never cares to offer me one. My days are not complete without these trouble; She is always gone leaving me fearful and alone. I was bleeding and I need her she didnt even take a glimpse on me. Its good to know that they are there for me to help me top swing down that vine of life. She is the one who spread rumors about me with confirming it first. Well if theres a con in a situation there is always a pro. After I got home it started me to think how valuable my life is, and make to think more how lucky you got it here on this planet we all are playing on. I am also afraid my friends will forget about me when they have families of their own and when they are old and that would kill me if I was forgotten? I actually prefer being alone than being in a crowd. But that point aside, what does it have to do with her? She is the one who should have talked to me about it before opening her mouth. The good thing about this situation is that I would be able to know who my true friends are.

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I'm a very friendly person and I've dreamed about being able to smile and just be normal, but I can't. I am so busy to study that I barely got time to go out with my friends. I found out that some certain someone said that a lot of people hate me. But if someone else do so, and for one that isnt true, no can do. I messaged her about it to let her know how I feel but Im not really expecting a decent reply. 0 Comments Christmas & New Year Christmas is a good time for my family, especially children about values like love, compassion, giving and sharing. Tears of joy, a Diploma in my hand, the feeling of pride, the sense of satisfaction.