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12-Mar-2020 16:23

A big thank you to my supporters and customers, it has been a challenging last few months fighting to keep stock up! In follow up to this blog post and video I put up the actual demo and giveaway video!Even though it caused a slight backup the small adjustments I made to my supply chain will help us further down the road, especially with designs that require lots of probe interconnects, multiple AFEs and multiplexing 🙂 (Maybe I have said too much already hehe). So please take the time to view and and comment on it, plus a thumbs up always helps!Some of the points I don't like, the lack of an auto-ff similar to the Weller unit means if you forget to turn it off and haven't tinned you tips well you will burn them up.The other things that stand out is the availability of tips and replacement parts in certain parts of the world.There are a few important changes that should be mentioned, I have updated Minip H hardware to version 4, but the current firmware/software examples aren't fully compatible.I will get these changes added into the code ASAP for those existing users that have version 4.0. Just received a rather large shipment of BNC connectors!I have also added in the ability to pay via bitcoin (through stripe! Hello All, First off thank you everyone for all your support, I really appreciate it and cant thank everyone enough!

As demand is quite high right now, I may not have stock for very long but lead times for most items will be shortened significantly.Sorry for the bug in the checkout of the store, a plugin in was causing a hang.