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A similar approach has been adopted for in situ Rb-Sr dating (Hogmalm et al.

), but molybdenite is a greasy and sticky material that is much more challenging to homogenize.

Contrary to our expectation, weighted average ages obtained were in agreement (within 1%) with conventional age determinations, with fairly good precision (from ~ 1 to 5% 2 depending on Re concentration), suggesting limited or essentially nonexistent decoupling within crystals.

Two important implications of this result are that decoupling Re-Os is not universal, and that our new analytical protocol is useful both for dating and for studies of decoupling.

Data on the combined state sales tax rate and average local sales tax rate for each state came from the Tax Foundation and were given a one-tenth weighting.

Data on state spirit tax, wine tax, and beer tax in dollars per gallon also came from the Tax Foundation and were each given a one-tenth weight.

For laser ablation, standards were developed by pressing particulate pellets of conventionally dated molybdenite (Moly Hill and Merlin), because there are no appropriate reference materials available.

Six natural molybdenite samples from a range of geological settings, containing 10 ppm Re, were analyzed by 70 μm laser ablation spots, and ages were calibrated by analysis of molybdenite pellets.

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In this study, pressed pellets of naturally occurring molybdenite crystals, previously dated by conventional Re-Os dating, were prepared for cross-calibration of isotopic ratios.The independence of single life is for many people highly desirable — and these are America’s best cities to be single.But many of the factors that contribute to the average cost of a date – from price of gas to taxes — vary considerably from state to state, making dating far more expensive in some parts of the country than others.By far the most affordable states to take someone on a date are in the Midwest, while the least affordable are in the Northeast.

To determine the cost of a date in each state, 24/7 Tempo constructed an index based on measures related to dating expenses in all 50 states. price of a liter of wine from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average U. price of two movie tickets from the National Association of Theatre Owners, and the national average cost of two restaurant dinners from a Zagat survey.

Single people spend the most on dating, compared to people in a relationship or married, according to a 2018 poll of about 1,000 people conducted by Gift 24/7 Tempo constructed an index based on nine different measures related to dating expenses in all 50 states.

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