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16-Dec-2020 02:17

And that kind of spiritual maturity reveals a heart that is satisfied in God.If I could tell that young man (or any of the young men I’ve been attracted to over the years) what I desire in a future husband, I would say this: When I first saw the commercial for Frozen over two years ago, I was immediately turned off by it.Continue Reading → It’s wonderful to be ready for doing God’s work. Continue Reading → I realize that Valentine’s Day has come and gone.Sometimes that “work” refers to taking a certain job, joining a certain ministry, or mending a certain friendship. The leftover candy is now on clearance, and the cheesy valentines are lying in the garbage.Aiming for lofty goals is wonderful, but ensure that you are ready for them, it matches your character, and there is some type of plan set in place. After returning home from seminary, Dena seemed to have changed tremendously from the girl she had been a year earlier.She davened with greater fervor, her circle of friends were much more simplistic and spiritual and she dressed more modestly.After four years of dating the type of boy she described, she met David.He was an extremely devoted learner, but intended to join his father’s accounting business in a few years.

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I bet you can relate to at least one of the three fears singles have... Would I live the rest of my life without male attention?