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21-Jan-2021 23:31

Reciprocity requires people to be invested in their relationship.If a relationship is important enough to them, partners will be emotionally invested in it enough to work at building and maintaining it.Reciprocity is developed and woven into good enough relationships, sometimes without participants knowing that is what they are doing.With awareness, it can become a robust, healthy feature of the relationship.The interdependence of a healthy relationship requires that both people accept personal responsibility.One partner cannot take all the blame while the other partner gives all the blame.

This can be the most rewarding work a person will do in his or her lifetime. When two people decide to develop a healthy, interdependent, reciprocal relationship, it is wise for them to take the time to talk about their personal value system and what characteristics they believe create a healthy relationship.

Reciprocal respect will be difficult or impossible if one partner does not respect the other partner’s beliefs in those subjects.

People need to be honest with themselves first so that they can then be honest with their partner.

Reciprocal relationships require a spirit of cooperation, as well as an understanding of and ability to embrace interdependence.

To cultivate a lasting, committed relationship, both partners must have and be able to continue to nurture feelings of love for each other.

For instance, some people value affection as an important condition for a healthy relationship, while others do not.