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Mikhail recognized himself as the "little brother" of the Moscow Prince and ensure to participate in wars with the Tatars.

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In 1378, he sent forces led by the warlord Murza Begich to ensure Prince Dmitri's obedience, but this army suffered crushing defeat at the Battle of the Vozha River.The numerous Russian principalities became the Horde's tributaries.During this period, the small regional principality of Moscow was growing in power and was often challenging its neighbors over territory, including clashing with the Grand Duchy of Ryazan.The campaigns of the Lithuanian army also ended in failure and so the jarliq returned to Dmitry.

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According to the results of the truce with Lithuania in 1372, the Grand Duchy of Vladimir was now recognized as the hereditary possession of the Moscow Princes.

Thus, in 1300, Moscow seized the city of Kolomna from Ryazan, and the Ryazan Prince was killed after several years in captivity.