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26-Nov-2020 02:01

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there i feel better by the way my leg will cost me between 400 and 600 that is canadian dollars.if iam booted for posting this so be it, bit it is my opion.LOL I wondered if people would accept me being different, but I agree with Tiger and kinzy. Like kinzy said, they are not worth having a relationship with anyway. Who would want to date someone so shallow that they won't date you because of an amputation.I know it wouldnt have matterd to me if I met someone in that boat. The personality matters the most and if you are a good person then one day someone will notice that and want to date you.We are now ready to grow one of our key projects – Support and Connect Hubs.These are monthly informal information and support drop-in sessions and we’re currently looking for 4 Hub Coordinators to support this exciting development.

So many people looking, so few truly special matches.

See for yourself just how easy it is to connect with single amputees.