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09-Jul-2020 01:30

Besides, my drive is stronger than my wife’s, so it won’t hurt, actually it will help our relationship, so I don’t go looking for someone in real life.Afterwards, I realize that I should not do this to my wife and also to my work.” The user will try to justify the need to look at a few pictures or chat for a few minutes, but they soon discover that time slips by and the behavior is not so easily contained.

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There are two basic principles to follow: Principle One: Learn to moderate legitimate use of the Internet.

How does an addict kick the cybersex habit when he or she needs to be on the computer for work?

How can the addict stop abusing when relapse is just a mouse click away?

I play mind games with myself, telling myself just a little won’t hurt. The temptation is constantly there and relapse is just a click away.” Relapse is a common struggle for anyone in recovery, but the problem often seems compounded by the need to use the computer while in recovery from cybersexual addiction.

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The relapse process is especially difficult for the cybersex addict due to the stop-start relapse cycle.

It seems to be a growing problem in their practices.