Competition and interpersonal conflict in dating relationships

11-Oct-2020 12:48

If you were to spot feeding the fish eventually one will attack the other to eat. That's the fish that has the advantage or ecological niche.A heterogeneous relationship is a relationship that involves two or more species.

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Consider two different of species of fish inside of a fish tank.

Studying Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication involves the study of verbal and nonverbal messages in dyadic interaction.

We explore the various ways that communication functions in both social and personal relationships along a range of topics, including affection, competition, conflict, dating, emotion, health, and maintenance in relational contexts such as marriage, friendship, initial interaction and family relationships.

A symbiotic relationship can make an organism a better competitor in an environment, if that's what you're asking about.

A classic example of a symbiotic relationship is the rhododendron.But 'winning' in a personal conflict is basically an oxymoron as no-one wins when a conflict is responded to in that way. When conflict is responded to as a competition we are back to the lid on the boiling pot.

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