Chinese pop star dating 12 year old

17-Aug-2020 07:30

So here's the problem with this situation: Why is this man allowed to openly flaunt his pedophilia/ephebophilia?(considering that they've been friends since she was 8 and started dating at 11/12 at the latest, it's borderline real pedophilia, not even ephebobilia).And rather than attempt to use their position to benefit the rest of us, simply accepting their priviledged status as their is helping us tho, hey are showing the world that they can have a loving relationship and and practice abstinence, it's a breath of fresh air and the first step to showing the world that they are dead wrong about us, sure they get special treatment because their privileged and it's not fair at all, but it's an important milestone in our fight to live out in the open,it's also the only evidence in main stream media that pedophilia can be about love, everything else is about sex crimes and people saying we cant control ourselves.i think it's beautiful i feel you man, it's hard to stay positive in the situation were in, things will get better,just remember that were fighting for acceptance with all our hearts because this is our lives everyday,people who appose us will fail every time, because our will to exist is stronger than their will to oppress,all we need is time The age for marriage and consent is going up in most of the developed world largely because we see women as equals and they are more and more often expected to live completely full lives in and of themselves. the occurrences surrounding the successive rises in the age of consent in England and Wales in the 19th century).This is not to say that women's lib plays a role - of course it does - but when a patriarchal nation/culture grants more power to its womenfolk you have to ask why it is willing to make this sacrifice. Well, as a Chinese living in Canada, I don't really see anything wrong with this relationship.We can debate all day about cultural relativism, but I think this is a package deal with the general way they view and treat women. Similar misogyny and poor practices happen all the time in India as well.Remember how parents were only allowed one child and most killed or aborted their daughters? It's a general lack of seeing women as equals just as worthy of any role as a man.Psychforums works hard to ensure that this forum is law abiding.Moderators will report evidence of illegal activity to the police.

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So why is she singing about how she's in love and will never leave him? - there are people trying to change this who actually give the advice on sharia law, so with a bit of luck this layer of opression may soon be lifted - but I doubt anywhere else in the world thinks it is wrong for a woman to play sports, or vote, or be treated like a human being, or be allowed to hold hands in public with their husband. I chose that particular thing because it's quite extreme and most people would think nothing of these things, but to them it's the norm.

Now here's a ridiculous situation if I've ever seen one.

In China, there's a 24 year old famous pedophile/ephebophile pop singer, who's been dating a 12 year old girl for the LAST TWO YEARS, openly and publicly, and it's fully allowed!

It even seems that China and its media supports this, because they are pop stars and record love duets and music videos together, and have followers and fans.

Does this mean that all pedophiles should move to China and will be free to have open child relationships there?Please be aware of this before entering this forum.