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29-May-2020 11:59

A 2012 Pew Research study found that while two thirds of millennial women say that “being successful in a high-paying career or profession” is of high importance to them, the same is true of only 59% of their male peers.But don’t call us “career women”—an anachronistic label for when working women were outliers. Moreover, Pew reports that young women are significantly more likely than young men to say that a successful marriage is “one of the most important things in life.” Likewise, nearly 60% of women rate successful parenting as one of the most important parts of life, as compared with less than half of men (47%).Many children carry the battle scars of divorce well into adulthood.But broken-up spouses can help stop the damage by managing their own behavior before the ink dries on the divorce papers. Gary Neuman, LMHC, gives exes pointers on how to split up without emotionally destroying their kids long term.I had yet to actually meet this man, but as I drove down the I-87 to my new home, I was confident that I was headed exactly where I always expected to be: in love, married, and a mother. But since I was 10-years-old, I imagined that one day, I’d have twin girls – despite no familial history of twins. Over time, I’d lie in bed, wondering where that man I moved to New York City to meet and marry was. Those lonely nights spun into a dizzying cycle of hope and doubt and grief and around again. My Circumstantial Infertility—the term I would later create to describe the pain and grief over remaining childless when one does not have a partner — often went unacknowledged, as if my pain was invalid because I wasn’t married.

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And young women with college degrees are out-earning their young male counterparts.

"Too many parents attempt to communicate through their children," Neuman says, "which causes undue emotional stress on them and forces them to negotiate a situation their own parents could not handle.

Email is an excellent tool nowadays to communicate with your ex-spouse.

Motherhood is a burden that we would give anything to bear.

In the meantime, the women of this cohort which I went on to dub “Otherhood” in my 2014 reported memoir of the same name, are facing a dating market in which finding a match is more challenging than they expected.

Making your child your cohort is wrong and does them damage." "Kids need to feel as if they are understood," Neuman says, and after a divorce their feelings may be in turmoil. So ask your kid fun and general questions, which diffuses tension.