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18-Jan-2021 08:19

But when your dream is to become a singer, there is always a wall in front of you called “reality.” That “reality” caused me a lot of despair and exhausted me both physically and mentally. We helped each other through the hard times and became a source of strength for one another.

However, we grew distant in front of that wall called “reality” and returned to being colleagues.

When Dave Dave (né Dave Rothenberg) was a kid, his father doused him in kerosene and set him on fire. Now certain internet whackadoodles think that Jackson is really alive and disguised as Dave Dave.

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Sarah Jessica Parker has always said that the most hurtful thing about her time on the show was the persistent chatter that the four women at the center of the show couldn't stand each other. Everyone assumes that because Statham's Frank Martin is such a tough guy action hero that he has to be straight, right?Today, a photo from the time we spent together was leaked illegally.