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11-May-2020 01:54

He was mortified at first but now lives with a woman he met on the website.But despite her success playing Cupid for others, Porterfield was unlucky in love herself.To find these potential partners, she’s out seven nights a week attending meetup groups, clubs, networking and public events targeted to her clients’ interests.Because her job is so time-consuming and she turns so many potential customers away, she developed the online e-course, which launches Oct. Porterfield said it’s not cheap to use her services, but the rewards can be infinite.“I believe the biggest decision we’ll ever make in our life is who we choose to spend it with,” she said.Facing a future as a single mom with mortgage to carry, she was overwhelmed by the changes in her life. “Working there I learned the questions to ask myself,” she said. She introduced her ex-husband to a former co-worker and they later married.And she surprised her divorced dad by secretly creating an online profile for him on First she found a new wife for her ex-husband, then a girlfriend for her dad.

Porterfield grew up in Delaware, where she dreamed of being a California beach girl.Through her human resources consulting work for Deepak Chopra, she has become a devotee of meditation and Eastern spiritual practices. The majority of Porterfield’s matchmaking clients are successful businessmen who either don’t have the time to date or don’t want to expose themselves online or in bars.She encourages her clients to use these tools to find inner clarity and “get unstuck” from self-critical and sabotaging behaviors.“It’s about helping people figure themselves out. Porterfield charges 9 for three phone or Skype coaching sessions.Porterfield admits it was hard walking away from a high-paying corporate position to start Love By Design, but she thinks she’s finally reached the destination she’s been bound for all her life.

“When you believe you’re on the right path, it unfolds in front of you.

Five hundred miles later, she rolled into Pacific Beach and stayed.