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04-Aug-2020 21:34

(romantic love) games, are a category of video game that covers several mechanics and demographics.The distinguishing factor of these games is that the primary goal of the game is to establish a romantic relationship between the Player Character and one or more of the NPCs.Many In Japan, the term "Bishoujo (beautiful girl) game" covers any game for men that offers pictures or animation of attractive girls, regardless of gameplay style or narrative content (see Bishoujo Genre).In the West, the term is generally used to cover (maiden) games cover any game aimed at a female audience that is not a Boys' Love game; the majority are Visual Novels with romantic elements.Otome games are female-oriented games with many plot goals including romance.These are either based on real-life situations or inspired from novels and stories.After years of targeting the male demographic, video game companies are diversifying their market by understanding the female perception of dating.

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Some are even adapted to and from manga novels and popular anime series.Many are made by departments or subsidiaries of bishoujo game companies; for example, Games which feature female-female romance.Unlike the other genres on this page, the term "yuri" does not imply a particular target audience; games aimed at a male audience and games aimed at a female audience are both included under the "yuri" label.We are all familiar with how Japan is going through a crisis where aging and low birth rates are shrinking its population.

On top of that, the attitudes towards dating and marriage among youngsters have been changing dramatically.

Most of the guys who are hooked on their phones playing video games must have tried it.

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