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He hates this because it is so humiliating for him to have put a rubber dog toy in his mouth and squeak once for yes and twice for no.I always knot myself laughing as he squeaks away and I love the broken look in his eyes as he puts it in his mouth.Sissy Caned – Humiliation Video Sissy Karen Humiliated – Video I love getting deep in a slave’s psyche and finding out what makes them tick.I love finding out their biggest fears and then using it against them.Last time I did that, he came back inside and I swear he was actually crying!He is so pathetic but I just humiliate him more and more till I get bored and then tell him to fuck off.She will teach her man his place in the relationship by making him suck her lover’s cock and then sliding it deep inside her, that is his duty, he can suck her toes and listen to her squelching pussy and her moaning but that is all he can do.She may make him into her prissy sissy, dress him up and humiliate him, degrade him.

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The best way to keep slaves in line is to humiliate them on a regular basis. Making them do horrible, degrading things keeps them down where they belong.We love humiliating slaves on cam He can not even look at me when he does so.