Age restrictions on dating

22-Mar-2020 12:28

These legal protections are being updated to include online data tracking, geolocation, photos, videos, and information available 3rd party advertising networks.Creating an account for a child U13, using a false date of birth, circumvents the Federal law intended to protect your child. The social networks, and all the information your child provides it, are completely out of your control.A child under the age of 13 years (U13) is protected by the Children’s Online Privacy Protect Act (COPPA).Essentially, COPPA protects a child’s personal information from being collected and shared.Keep in mind that in the 1990s I think Canada’s age of consent went from 16 to 14 (or 12, if the other person was 14) which I also thought was quite low.It recently was put back up to 16 due to people considered predators on My Space, etc.

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But they had no idea of what the Korean term was, hesitant suggestions including 법정나이 (literally “correct age”) and 법적나이제한 (correct age limit).During a routine office visit, I was discussing activities and extracurriculars with a bright 10-year old girl. Sometimes she shares ideas with me.” Her mother’s reply concerned me because I think it reflects a common internet misconception.

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