Accommodating cultural differences commonalities

15-Apr-2020 09:41

But when we learn to understand others we improve our chances of making things better in an increasingly multicultural world.

There will be situations where people can be right on both sides of an issue or belief -- sometimes there may not be one right answer to a question.

A local neighborhood found itself in the middle of a drastic demographic shift.

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There are many ethnic groups in the United States, due in large part to its immigrant population; each of these groups contributes to America’s cultural heritage.It is essential to approach the change process knowing that compromise, patience, and understanding must be a central theme.This leads us to the beginning of building culturally competent organizations.Each organization and its individual members should keep in mind that change is not easy for humans.

Many of us resist it and are dragged into the process kicking and screaming -- and that makes it difficult for everyone else.

Yet, its membership has not increased nor diversified.

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