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16-Aug-2020 10:46

Sarah doesn't know why her ghost still keeps up with her life all these months later, but she'd never consider asking him why he keeps watching her very public Snapchat story.

Trying to confront and banish your ghost can only backfire.

The two don't talk anymore — she wanted a bit of space and time to get over him before trying to reignite a conversation.

And yet she knows he still exists, somewhere out there in the world, because he's constantly watching her Snap story.

After we streamed 1080p video from You Tube for 15 minutes, the hottest spot on the whole system was on the bottom near the hinge, and measured just 92.5 degrees Fahrenheit, safely below our traditional 95-degree comfort threshold.

The top of the system stayed even cooler, measuring 85.5 degrees between the G and H keys, and 82 degrees on the touchpad.

They'd been out twice, there wasn't a ~love connection~, and Kate ended it by neglecting to reply to a vague text from Becca.

As much as she's spooked by her ghost, Sarah would be even more spooked if he suddenly left. "This is the only way I know that he still thinks about me, even if it's for the eight-second story.Huawei hasn't finalized pricing yet, either, but the company has assured me that the Mate Book X will cost less in the United States than the current euro prices, which start at 1,399 euros for the base model and go up to 1,699 euros for the Core i7 model. S., the Mate Book X will be available in two colors: space gray and gold.

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