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People with very low incomes can get a "fee waiver" and do not have to pay the court fee. On top of the court fee, you may have to pay to publish notice of the hearing on your petition (the form showing you are asking to change your child’s name, and the date of the court hearing, to help prevent fraud by letting people know you are changing your child’s name, and giving them a chance to object.

Normally, no one objects, but the legal requirement means you cannot get a court order to change your name without publishing notice.

Also, even if you do ask for a new birth certificate, it may take many months (even a year) to get a new one, so in the meantime you can use the decree from the court to prove that your child’s name is changed. Changing your child’s name to your spouse’s or domestic partner’s name will only legally change your child’s name, but it will not establish your spouse or domestic partner as your child’s parent.

However, if your spouse or domestic partner actually adopts your child through a stepparent adoption, the child’s name can be changed through the stepparent adoption process. A: Just follow the instructions for changing a child’s name when only 1 parent is filing the case.

You will NOT need to publish your A: There are ways for your new name to remain confidential and not appear on the court records.

You can register with the Safe at Home program to keep the information confidential. citizen and you want to change your name, you will have to file a case in your local court. Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and your social security office and ask whether you can change the name on your driver’s license and social security card to your spouse’s last name without a court order.

A: You will have to file papers explaining to the judge why you really do not know who the father is and what you tried to find out who he is.

Then you will have to ask the judge for permission to go ahead with your child’s change of name without the father.

A: If you want to legally change your name AND your gender, there is a separate court process and forms for doing that.So, for example, if your child is from a previous relationship and you now change your child’s last name to your current spouse’s name, your spouse will NOT be your child’s legal parent. Remember, just because your child will have your spouse’s or domestic partner’s last name does NOT mean that your spouse or domestic partner will be your child’s legal parent.Your spouse or domestic partner can only become your child’s legal parent by adopting your child through the stepparent adoption process. If you are changing your child's name and your child is in the State Witness Program or in the address confidentiality program and you are changing his or her name to avoid domestic violence or stalking or your child is a victim of sexual assault and you are asking for the name change on his or her behalf, make sure you explain in the A: Your child’s other parent, even if he or she has not been involved in your child’s life, has a legal right to know that you are trying to change your child’s name.

The other parent will have the chance to go to court and tell the judge if he or she is against changing your child’s name.

It will probably be easier in the long run if you have your child’s birth certificate changed.